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To offer creative solutions and professional services that enhance the customer experience while protecting our clients’ investments.


Our experience combines all the skills, expertise and knowledge gained over many years to bring the right resources and subject matter experts to our clients. Our resources include:

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Application Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Report Builders
  • Workforce Optimization Specialists
  • Trainers

Why Us?

In today’s Customer Experience industry, technology buyers are inundated with innovations, technologies and vendors. This environment is making it difficult for companies to understand the impacts to their business as well as how it can be integrated into their existing technologies, strategies and plans.

CX Elements is a consulting company that is putting its Contact Center clients first. Our goal is to enhance existing technologies and/or provide guidance through the upgrade or replacement process.

RT @VoCNews_Online: http://customerthink.com/five-ai-driven-customer-experience-solutions-a-survey-of-the-market Five AI-Driven Customer Experience Solutions: A survey of the market #marketing #custexp

Congress is considering legislation right now that would make it possible for all Americans to #VotebyMail during the #Coronavirus pandemic. Call your Senators and tell them to pass it: https://act.represent.us/s/329076.s2DI-i

Great to be able to be a fly on the wall while @JimBurton and Frank Tersigni Discuss topics like the #cloud and #contactcenter, the effect of #covid19 on contact centers, #WFH, trends that are moving the industry such as #AI and #analytics https://lnkd.in/eNaTreY

The only way to take back our government is to vote out all incumbents. We will never get $ influence out or term limits, we need to do this ourselves. This is the only way.

I don't care if your Dem or Rep, just vote out all incumbents.


The Hill@thehill

GOP Georgia senator bought stock in personal protective equipment maker on day of coronavirus briefing: report http://hill.cm/VfEGCJ8

Good Morning folks, I have a friend looking for a Senior Manager of Business Development with a focus on Financial Services (ie Technical Partnerships). We've had a surge in activity in this area of our business and are looking to make it a more significa…https://lnkd.in/e8SUn2H

from Charlotte Ward We round out this week on the Customer Support Leaders podcast talking to @jennysuedempsey again, with her view on getting out of the queue!

#customersupportleaders #podcast #interviews #support

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